Graves Drops the Gauntlet on Energy Policy Making

Article excerpt

Oklahoma Corporation Commissioner Cody L. Graves Tuesday challenged energy professionals to participate in the policy-making process of the changing industry to take advantage of an important state economic tool.

As the natural gas industry and its regulators face some form of deregulation, Graves emphasized the need of teamwork among all involved individuals.

The industry and regulators need to take the proper long-term prospective, develop specific goals and ways to achieve them, Graves said. Commission Chairman Graves stressed the importance of energy as one of the state's fundamental economic tools while speaking at the Ninth Annual Oklahoma Gas Association meeting in Oklahoma City. About a year and a half ago, the commission began the policy- making process because it was clear to the regulatory body that the natural gas industry was changing, he said. The commission has since organized symposiums and meetings with industry to discuss the subject of deregulation. Its task is to choose the best approach to create the most efficient system from the wellhead to the burner tip to ensure all parties are participating on a level basis, he said. …


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