Corporation Commission

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Cause CD No. 970 001326-T Before the Corporation Commission of the State of Oklahoma. Applicant: BRG Petroleum, Inc. Relief Requested: Separate Allowable. Legal Description: Section 23, Township 25 North, Range 19 West, Woodward County, Oklahoma. STATE OF OKLAHOMA TO: All Persons, Owners, Producers, Operators, Purchasers and Takers of oil and gas and other interested persons particularly in Woodward County, Oklahoma, including Bonnie Reid, Carol June Ingraham, Gary and Linda Lintner, Harold Phillips, James N. Baker, Margaret Baker, Marilyn Fussell, Ramona DuBois, Robert L. Lehr, Vada Rose McKnight, Verla Vaughan, Wanita Cunningham, Burlington Resources Oil & Gas Co., Delhi Gas Pipeline Corporation, and Apache Corporation; and if the above-named entity is a dissolved partnership, corporation or other association, then the unknown successors, trustees and assigns, both immediate and remote, of such dissolved partnership, corporation or other association. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Applicant has filed an Application in this cause requesting the Corporation Commission of Oklahoma to fix a separate allowable for its proposed well in Section 23, Township 25 North, Range 19 West, Woodward County, Oklahoma, for production from the Chester Common Source of Supply. NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that Applicant requests that such separate allowable be set by the Commission at the highest rate justified by the facts and evidence presented at the hearing hereof as otherwise limited by the laws of the State of Oklahoma and the rules and regulations of the Oklahoma Corporation Commission. NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that Applicant requests, should an Order granting such separate allowable issue in this cause, such Order may be made retroactively effective to a date prior to the execution of said Order by the Commission. …


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