Multitude of Search Engines Help Find Endless Information on Web

Article excerpt

If you started this morning by looking for your car keys and then trying to find a pair of socks that match, you'll appreciate the value of learning how to search.

Almost every bit of information you may need for your job, hobby or family is located somewhere on the Web. Whether you need to find a kennel that'll keep your dogs for the weekend, or want to research the history of epoxy cements, there's plenty of help available.

But the trouble is in finding the stuff. In the beginning, there wasn't much to know about searching the Web. You fired up the venerable and dependable Yahoo (still an important search engine at and let it dredge the depths of the Web for you. Nowadays, as the Web has grown, so has the universe of search engines. One of the most popular types of search engine is capable of automating your search using multiple services. You'll want to include a few of these multiple-search engines in your bookmark file. Let's start with one of my favorites, maybe because the name makes me smile: Dogpile at www Besides simultaneously searching 15 of the best search engines, including AltaVista ( and Reference.Com (, it also checks some Net locations you might otherwise ignore, including the newsgroups, FTP sites (for file downloads) and other out-of-the-way spots. Since the Web has literally dozens of these multiple-search-engine sites, we'll list just one more today. That's a page called SavvySearch, and you'll find it at guaraldi.cs. …


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