Warranty Deeds

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A list of Warranty Deeds filed with the Oklahoma County Clerk's office is published daily in The Journal Record. Information listed for each warranty deed includes book and page numbers, the owner of the property granting the property to a new owner, sales price as calculated from revenue stamp amount, property description, and (when available) the property's street address. Listings of grantor and grantee do not necessarily include all those party to the transaction.

Received 12/11/97

B 7194 P 1427 -- Clara Tarbutton, Executrix to Joe Andrew Harbert, Sls Pr. $68,000, L6 B25 Meadow Lakes Sec 8 Addn, Edm; 711 Hawthorne Lane, Edmond OK 73003. B 7194 P 1498 -- Harley J. Leftwich to Yvonne Kay Baker, Sls Pr. $66,500, L1 & 2 B5 Guy Grider Addn, OKC; 5600 S. Barnes, Oklahoma City OK 73119. B 7194 P 1085 -- Harold William Henson, Personal Representative to Kelli D. Hart, Sls Pr. $60,000, L11 B16 Burke Northridge Manor Addn, OKC; 9504 Northland Road, Oklahoma City OK 73116. B 7194 P 1946 -- Mary E. Bumgardner to Barton Allen Bumgardner, Sls Pr. $53,000, L2 B4 Coronado Heights Addn, OKC; 3704 NW 59th Street, Oklahoma City OK 73112. B 7194 P 1496 -- Lyle McCune Jr to Rinda Hunt, Sls Pr. $51,500, Unit 14, Lake Forest Townhomes, Phase II Condos; 8220 NW 10th, #14, Oklahoma City OK 73127. B 7194 P 1080 -- Everett Leland Horton to Gil Caras, Sls Pr. $50,000, L18 B3 Sunnydale Addn, OKC; 4224 SE 49th Street, Oklahoma City OK 73135. B 7194 P 1969 -- Robert L. Jahnke to Ronald G. Campney Jr, Sls Pr. $50,000, pt L4 & 5 B8 Sec 2 Western Oaks Addn, Bethany; 3009 N. Holloway, Bethany OK 73008. B 7194 P 1945 -- Annetta Jo Atteberry fka Snodgrass to Sherrine Randall, Sls Pr. $48,500, L3 B7 Woods Garden Terrace 2nd Addn, Bethany; 2309 N. Gleason Avenue, Bethany OK 73008. B 7194 P 1029 -- Kathleen L. Hamilton, Tr to Jessie W. Furnish, Sls Pr. $45,500, L43 B21 Leonhardt's Oak Ridge Addn, Del City; 3412 Eastwood Circle, Del City OK 73115. B 7194 P 1433 -- Carl A. Allison to Ernest C. Owens, Sls Pr. $45,000, L43 & 44 B8 Darrall Second Addn, OKC; 2609 NW 34th, Oklahoma City OK 73112. B 7194 P 1081 -- Edwin Wayne Goodman to Anthony B. Clark, Sls Pr. $42,000, L6 B2 Cullen's Third Addn, MWC; 916 Moraine Avenue, Midwest City OK 73110. B 7194 P 1084 -- Ola Mae Fox to Brian C. Bruss, Sls Pr. $42,000, pt L10 & 11 B15 Brooklyn Addn, OKC; 2625 NW 38th Street, Oklahoma City OK 73112. B 7194 P 652 -- Thomas Perez to Marcos M. Diaz, Sls Pr. $37,000, L27 B2 Treadwell 3rd Addn; 3241 NW 41st Street, Oklahoma City OK 73112. B 7194 P 1967 -- Patricia A. Carpenter to Dennis Joe White, Sls Pr. $33,000, Unit 202 Bluff Creek Townhomes Condos; 6550 N. Meridian, #202, Oklahoma City OK. B 7194 P 1430 -- McCaleb's Highland Homes Inc to Central Oklahoma Home Builders Association Inc, Sls Pr. $30,000, L34 B13 Steeplechase 2nd Addn, Edm. B 7194 P 1649 -- An H. Vu to Ba Cong Tran, Sls Pr. $28,000, L15 & 16 Subdiv of B30 Shaw's Heights Addn, OKC; 1528 NW 48th Street, Oklahoma City OK 73118. B 7194 P 1212 -- Kendall Ward Goddard to Donald L. Behrens, Sls Pr. $25,500, pt SW4 Sec 12 T13N R1E IM; 14222 N. Harrah Road, Luther OK 73054. B 7194 P 1962 -- Danforth Development LLC to Goldstar Homes LLC, Sls Pr. $25,000, L5 B9 Homestead II Addn, Edm. B 7194 P 653 -- Minnie Iretha Shriver to Kenneth T. Almack, Tr, Sls Pr. $24,000, L5 & 6 B22 Linwood Place Addn, OKC; 3308 NW 17th Street, Oklahoma City OK 73107. B 7194 P 1587 -- Charles O. Dressler to William L. Harrison, Sls Pr. $19,000, pt NE4 Sec 12 T11N R1E IM. B 7194 P 1490 -- Oakhaven Inc to Todd L. Vesely, Sls Pr. $16,500, pt SW4 Sec 29 T13N R1W IM; 11424 Heatherwood Drive, Jones OK 73049. B 7194 P 1968 -- Steven Dale Elkins to Clara J. Walton, Sls Pr. $16,500, pt L22-24 B9 Schillings Addn, OKC; 2424 S. Central Street, Oklahoma City OK 73129. B 7194 P 1589 -- Meagan R. White to Nguyens' Properties Inc, Sls Pr. $15,000, L29 B2 Bristow Plain View Hills Addn, Spencer; 8421 NE 33rd, Spencer OK. …


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