State's Electronic Commerce Pilot Program Clears First Hurdle in House Commitee

Article excerpt

Legislation creating a pilot program for the use of electronic commerce within state government has been passed by the House Science, Technology and Telecommunications Committee.

Senate Bill 3287, by Rep, Fred Perry, R-Tulsa, is one of two measures resulting from an interim study by the Task Force on Electronic Signature Technology. The bill establishes a pilot program for the use of electronic commerce, including digital signatures, in state government.

Supporters said the pilot will limit risk while allowing the testing of procedures. Legislation is expected to follow in 1999 incorporating the lessons from the pilot to deploy electronic commerce throughout state government. The bill creates a steering committee for the pilot consisting of two members from the House, two from the Senate, an appointee by the governor and representatives from the Department of Central Services, the secretary of state, the Office of State Finance, the Department of Commerce, the attorney general, the state auditor and inspector, the state treasurer and the Office of Personnel Management. A second bill recommended by the task force would remove barriers to the use of electronic commerce between willing parties by making it a recognized form of legal transactions within the state. That measure is still under development. The committee approved three other substitute measures. These were: * House Bill 2600, by Rep. Al Lindley, D-Oklahoma City, which requires technology training be provided for state employees whose jobs require the use of computers or other technology. The bill also would create the State Employee Educational Benefits Program. This would reimburse full-time state employees up to $200 per year for expenses of educational or training programs associated with their jobs. Employees must submit content of the training course to their supervisor and receive approval to be eligible for reimbursement. Lindley agreed to strike the title on the floor to allow time for a fiscal analysis. …


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