Searching with Findlaw

Article excerpt

You've just signed on the Internet, or you've been flailing around online for a few hours, when you suddenly find yourself staring into the virtual abyss of the Net with the distinct sensation of being lost and alone. Where should you start? Where did you start? How do you get back to where you started?

How could you have known that following those intriguing links on Kazakstan law would leave you lost in a maze of hyperlinks with no trail of crumbs to follow home?

Where are all those non-case legal resources, the law reviews, journals, newsletters and mailing lists? Where are the government agencies? The annotated version of the U.S. Constitution? How in the world do you get to the National Archives and Records Administration homepage? A form, all you want is a form. You've heard, after all, that the Internet is a tremendous source for legal forms. Where are they? Findlaw ( will provide aid and answers. Started in 1994 as a list of Internet resources prepared for a workshop of California Law Librarians, Findlaw has become the best place on the Internet to begin legal research. …


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