Setting `Rich Goals' for Achieving Success

Article excerpt

Is success something that is obtained or does it come naturally? If you answered "obtained" or "naturally" to this question, both answers are correct.

One must first believe in their own natural abilities, then success can be obtained. Indeed, I believe in living life to the hilt every day and what's the purpose of living life unless one strives to be successful?

However, success is not something to be possessed. Rather, it is the process of becoming all we can and should be. We must remember that success has little to do with money, although there is nothing wrong with being a rich success. Some rich people are extremely successful; others are not. Since we do not become a rich success overnight, we must first set "rich goals." Our success in reaching these goals are solely dependent upon our self-determination. If we focus only on becoming rich and not successful, we have failed ourselves already. Setting "rich goals" or becoming rich in my opinion does not mean in terms of money, but simply knowing that I have laid the groundwork, plowed the soil, and will reap the reward if I maintain stamina during trial and error. A true success story is not based upon a person's struggles in life or the mountain of obstacles they have had to overcome in reaching their success. Rather, it is the type of methods they have used in overcoming them. Once again, self-determination is the key factor in accomplishing success. Being successful can boost your confidence and self-worth, but it has little to do with your personal "score" in life. Although, there is nothing wrong with racking up points when you have done it honestly. Be cautious in your endeavors, however, of the idea that you must outscore everyone else in order to become a real success. If you measure your success only in terms of what you purchase or produce, you are bound to experience eternal dissatisfaction. There is always someone who is one step ahead of you and got there faster. Whatever method you use in measuring your success, you must remember it is always just beyond your fingertips. …


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