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Network Server Talk

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Network Server Talk

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A server is, simply put, a computer that connects all your computers together into a network. This is quite handy if you have five or more computers, though you can use a network if you have less than that. Network servers allow you to share files, Internet access and disk space.

There are four main server software packages out there:

* Novell -- a standard server platform with a solid following.

* Windows NT -- the up-and-coming server platform with the marketing power of Microsoft behind it.

* Appletalk -- the connectivity program for Macintosh.

* Unix -- the oldest platform for computers.

Which is better? Again, that is relative. Each has its own strengths.

Novell, though I do not know too much about it, is a system that has a solid following and also has plenty of service and technical support.

Windows NT is a very intuitive platform. This is quite good and it is also quite bad. If you choose NT, then lock it in a room and make sure no one but your system administrator has a key.

Actually, that is a good idea no matter what your system is.

AppleTalk is not your only choice for Macintosh, but it is the standard, and does its job admirably.

Unix is a stable platform, and is the basis for NT and the Unix- flavor type of systems. …

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