Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Power Shopping with Jango or Junglee

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Power Shopping with Jango or Junglee

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Retailing must be getting a great deal more difficult, if the Internet is any indication, because several Web sites make it incredibly easy to do nationwide comparison shopping with just a few clicks.

Take, for example,, operated by Excite!, the major Internet search engine company. Jango lets you choose from a 33- category menu of products, then fill out an electronic questionnaire with as much or as little detail as you care about. In seconds you have a huge list of applicable products, prices and retailer info.

The product categories are predictably heavy on electronics, including computer and audio equipment, but also includes sporting goods, toys, garden supplies, even liquor and flowers. (And yes, Beanie Babies are included.)

If you find something you like, you can buy it on the spot -- or not. No frowning sales clerks will sigh and mutter about you if you don't.

The Geek searched for Kodak 120 digital cameras and found 69 online sources, with prices ranging from $481 to $600. (Suggest retail price is $799.) If you are confused by the detail or the choices, you can branch off to a very large library of online product reviews from noted sources (for computer products, for example, Ziff, Cnet, Advisor and other major magazines).

An even broader search is provided by, run by Wired Ventures. In addition to 90,000 products that can be searched (and bought) here, Junglee has moved into online recruitment and runs an active and very large online job listings site.

For all its claims to size and diversity, the Geek found Junglee a little more confusing and less effective. Its webmaster throws too many choices on screen, including many that divert you from what you want, which is shopping. (Why put a news headlines choice in front of you when you're in a mood to get commercial?)

Cybergeek tried to search for a deal on that Kodak 120 -- which even was pictured on the forms page -- but he couldn't narrow the search to anything useful. …

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