Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

[ Warranty Deeds.]

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

[ Warranty Deeds.]

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A list of Warranty Deeds filed with the Oklahoma County Clerk's office is published daily in The Journal Record. Information listed for each warranty deed includes book and page numbers, the owner of the property granting the property to a new owner, sales price as calculated from revenue stamp amount, property description, and (when available) the property's street address. Listings of grantor and grantee do not necessarily include all those party to the transaction.

Received 10/05/99

B 7659 P 1987 -- James R. Rosser to Richard M. Knapp, Sls Pr. $940,000, L3 B83 Nichols Hills Addn; 7208 Waverly Avenue, Nichols Hills OK 73120.

B 7659 P 1373 -- Chad L. Jenkins to Dennis E. Samples, Sls Pr. $342,000, pt L8, L9 B2 Hunter's Creek I Addn, Edm; 3827 N. Creek Bank Drive, Edmond OK 73003.

B 7659 P 1975 -- Clyde V. Crtuchmer (refiled) to Joseph J. Bohonos, Sls Pr. $310,000, L9 B12 Harris' Tall Oaks Sec 7 Addn, Edm; 3513 Harris Drive, Edmond OK 73013.

B 7660 P 196 -- Clay K. Ridley to Guy F. Merz, Sls Pr. $265,000, L1 B1 Deer Creek Farms Addn; 100 Deer Creek Road, Edmond OK 73003.

B 7660 P 25 -- Scrudder Homes LLC to Stephen M. Breit, Sls Pr. $243,500, L17 B12 Olde Towne IV Addn, Edm; 932 Prospect Court, Edmond OK 73034.

B 7660 P 672 -- Spring River Custom Homes LLC to Raymond E. Cook, Sls Pr. $239,000, L2 B9 River Bend Estates Sec 5 Addn, OKC.

B 7660 P 445 -- James Terrel Stoabs to Robert K. Cooley, Sls Pr. $235,000, L16 B34 The Greens, Sec 7 Addn, OKC; 4612 Tamarisk Drive, Oklahoma City OK 73142.

B 7660 P 418 -- Babak Hooshiarnejad to Black Oak Properties Inc, Sls Pr. $190,000, pt L18, L19 & 20 B9 Meadow Cliff Sec IV Addn, OKC; 3280 W. Simpson Road, Edmond OK 73034.

B 7659 P 1985 -- Stephen F. Loosbrock to Ya Chih Hsu, Sls Pr. $181,500, L14 B7 Brasswood Addn, OKC; 1304 NW 146th Terrace, Oklahoma City OK 73013.

B 7660 P 24 -- SWM & Sons Inc to Sandra K. McClure, Sls Pr. $154,500, L6 B13 The Hickory's Sec 5 Addn; 855 Hickory Drive, Choctaw OK 73020.

B 7660 P 123 -- Kimberlee Dawn Griffin to Terry D. Allen, Sls Pr. $147,000, L2 B4 Northlake Addn, OKC; 13308 Northview Drive, Oklahoma City OK 73142.

B 7659 P 1371 -- Margaret A. Chapman to John McCormack, Sls Pr. $146,500, pt L4 & 5 B7 Fox Hollow Replat of Cinnamon Down The Way Addn, OKC; 13509 Vixen Lane, Oklahoma City OK 73131.

B 7660 P 194 -- Larry R. Awbrey to Carolyn S. Hitchcock, Tr, Sls Pr. $145,000, L14 B1 Walnut Hill Estates Addn, Edm; 1320 Sims Avenue, Edmond OK 73013.

B 7659 P 1370 -- Bell Corporation Inc dba Bell American Homes to Jennifer Lindsey, Sls Pr. $142,000, L4 B2 Cedar Pointe Addn, Edm; 2016 Cedar Meadow Lane, Edmond OK.

B 7659 P 1979 -- James A. Ellis (refiled) to David R. Payne, Sls Pr. $116,500, L7 B3 Chelsea Station IV Addn, Edm; 1839 Chelsea, Edmond OK.

B 7660 P 839 -- Leonhardt Enterprises Inc to Russell J. Parris, Sls Pr. $111,000, L19 B46 Windwood Estates Sec 10 Addn, OKC; 8800 Scirocco Circle, Oklahoma City OK 73135.

B 7659 P 1986 -- Carl D. Lobaugh to Joanne Kontorchik, Sls Pr. $108,000, L3 B1 Seminole Pointe Sec 1 Addn, OKC; 2716 NW 160th Terrace, Oklahoma City OK 73013.

B 7660 P 440 -- Milton L. Campbell to Samuel A. Denny, Sls Pr. $102,500, L22 B2 Jones Station Addn; 12821 Jones Station, Jones OK 73049.

B 7659 P 1379 -- Erik K. Hayden to Michael J. Corum, Sls Pr. $100,000, L9 B23 Westborough Addn, Edm; 1809 Craig Blvd, Edmond OK 73003.

B 7660 P 124 -- Geana L. Fischlein to Larry Richard Deeds, Sls Pr. $100,000, L20 B9 Northaven Addn, OKC; 7701 NW 101st Street, Oklahoma City OK 73162.

B 7660 P 678 -- Kevin Osborn to Jeffrey S. Young, Sls Pr. $100,000, L14 B10 DeVille Park Addn, Bethany; 7821 NW 26th Street, Bethany OK 73008.

B 7660 P 125 -- Steven D. Messman to Joseph A. Harder IV, Sls Pr. $97,500, L11 B4 Pointon's Pheasant Run Addn, Choctaw; 15169 Falcon Way, Choctaw OK 73020. …

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