Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

[ Warranty Deeds.]

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

[ Warranty Deeds.]

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A list of Warranty Deeds filed with the Oklahoma County Clerk's office is published daily in The Journal Record. Information listed for each warranty deed includes book and page numbers, the owner of the property granting the property to a new owner, sales price as calculated from revenue stamp amount, property description, and (when available) the property's street address. Listings of grantor and grantee do not necessarily include all those party to the transaction.

Received 10/13/99

B 7663 P 1102 -- John & Pat LLC to Sohrab Amini, Sls Pr. $1,100,000, pt SW4 Sec 18 T14N R2W IM, etc; 2824 Sweetbriar, Edmond OK 73034.

B 7663 P 1310 -- Odell Friar to Evans & Associates Construction Co Inc, Sls Pr. $285,000, pt B8 Orchard Grove Addn, OKC.

B 7663 P 1245 -- John R. Clark to Cora Mae Thompson, Sls Pr. $215,000, L1 B1 Mattan Woods Addn, MWC.

B 7663 P 1251 -- Barbara L. Patterson to Edward J. Havrilla, Sls Pr. $195,000, pt SW4 Sec 31 T13N R3W IM; 2533 West Wilshire Blvd, Oklahoma City OK 73116.

B 7663 P 1250 -- J.M. Wilson Co LLC to John L. Powell, Sls Pr. $189,000, L6 B16 Olde Towne VII Addn, Edm.

B 7663 P 1107 -- Edward C. Greedy to Karen L. Owen, Sls Pr. $174,000, L18 B1 Walnut Cove Addn, Edm; 1708 Walnut Cove Road, Edmond OK 73013.

B 7663 P 1112 -- James Wilson Homes Inc to Theodore A. Stile, Sls Pr. $155,500, L6 B15 THe Eagles South Sec 4 Addn, OKC; 5825 SE 84th Street, Oklahoma City OK 73135.

B 7663 P 1300 -- Peter Rapp to Leo Leslie Prescott III, Sls Pr. $149,500, L13 B12 Sec 2 The Greens Addn, OKC.

B 7663 P 849 -- Donald L. Giddy to L.R. Andrews, Sls Pr. $122,500, L1 B6 Forest Oaks 1st Addn, Edm; 1901 Ridgcrest Road, Edmond OK 73013.

B 7663 P 1113 -- Fred E. Green to On Yea Watson, Sls Pr. $120,000, L16 B20 Twin Oaks 5th Addn, OKC; 1409 NW 182nd, Edmond OK 73003.

B 7663 P 1309 -- C.W. Shepard to Denis L. McGee, Sls Pr. $120,000, NW4 Sec 20 T12N R4W IM, Bethany; 7700 NW 32nd Street, Bethany OK 73008.

B 7663 P 1104 -- Vesta Homes Inc to Percy G. Hurtado II, Sls Pr. $107,500, L10 B26 Prairie Ridge Sec 6 Addn, OKC; 6005 SE 82nd Place, Oklahoma City OK 73135.

B 7663 P 845 -- C & C Builders Inc to Jason M. Secrest, Sls Pr. $103,000, L1 B26 Oakwood East Village, MWC; 11529 Devonbrook Court, Midwest City OK 73130.

B 7663 P 1302 -- John Bartley to Monika Jensen, Sls Pr. $97,500, L14 B20 Bluff Creek Sec 2 Addn, OKC; 5200 NW 110th Street, Oklahoma City OK 73162.

B 7663 P 1110 -- Ideal Homes Construction LLC to Larry D. Reser, Sls Pr. $95,000, L7 B21 Seminole Pointe Sec 5 Addn, OKC; 16212 Seminole Drive, Oklahoma City OK 73013.

B 7663 P 1307 -- David W. Storey to Randy A. Storey, Sls Pr. $89,000, L9 B3 Oak Brook 1st Addn, Edm; 2200 Redcliff Lane, Edmond OK 73003.

B 7663 P 846 -- Earl Rooms Builders Inc to Joe D. Holloway, Sls Pr. $88,000, L2 B1 Havenwood Addn; 2900 Havenwood Drive, Harrah OK 73045.

B 7663 P 1246 -- Steven P. Tromley to Terryle A. Cambell, Sls Pr. $86,500, L9 B13 Oakwood East Section 2, MWC.

B 7663 P 1254 -- Carol McCutcheon to Barbara L. Patterson, Sls Pr. $82,000, L9 B2 Casady Lakeside Estates Addn; 10205 Sunrise Blvd, Oklahoma City OK 73120.

B 7663 P 1303 -- KRG Properties Limited Partnership to Premier Investments LLC, Sls Pr. $82,000, L7 & 8 B8 Draper Park Addn, OKC, etc.

B 7663 P 1106 -- Alson T. Noe to Royce E. Hoffpauir, Sls Pr. …

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