Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

A National Concern

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

A National Concern

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On Tuesday, the U.S. Senate Committee on Small Business held a roundtable discussion to determine if a national conference on small business is necessary.

The White House Conference on Small Business has been held in 1980, 1986, and 1995. This conference has been a terrific forum for small business owners to debate issues, get educated about the political process and network with other small-business owners from around the country.

Sen. Christopher Bond, R-Mo., has introduced Senate Bill No. 1111, which calls for a national small-business conference to be held every four years during the second year after a presidential election. Prior to the national conference, there will be state conferences for the delegates in each state.

The purpose of each national conference will be to:

* Increase public awareness of the contribution of small business to the nation's economy.

* Identify the problems of small business.

* Examine the status of minorities and women as small-business owners.

* Assist small business in carrying out its role as the nation's job creator.

* Assemble small businesses to develop such specific and comprehensive recommendations for legislative and regulatory action as may be appropriate for maintaining and encouraging the economic viability of small business and thereby, the nation.

* Review the status of recommendations adopted at the immediately preceding national conference on small business.

Delegates to the state conferences will be elected and appointed. Only individuals who are owners or officers of a small business shall be eligible for appointment as delegates (or alternates) to the national and state conferences.

One delegate and one alternate will be appointed by each governor, one delegate and alternate will be appointed by each congressman, one delegate and alternate will be appointed by each senator, and 50 delegates and alternates will be appointed by the president, one pair from each state.

Small-business owners also will have the opportunity to campaign for election as a delegate from their home state to represent small- business owners at the national conference.

During the roundtable discussion in the Senate, we discussed the name of the conference. …

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