Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

You, Too, Can Live the All-American Dream

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

You, Too, Can Live the All-American Dream

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With a bit of patience you too can become a millionaire, and you needn't expose yourself to millions of television watchers. People become millionaires all the time.

Like those smart folks who invested $1,000 in Puma Technology early last year. By the end of the year they had more than $38,000, and all they did was sit and watch their money grow.

But, you say, $38,000 is peanuts these days; we're interested in becoming a millionaire. Easy does it -- if your $38,000 grew at the same rate for another year, you'd be there. A millionaire!

It sure beats the old way, when a saver spent a lifetime of denial to work toward the goal and then, almost inevitably, fail to reach it. Few sought the goal. They didn't believe, so why try?

But if any one thing separates the new economy investor from the old, it is probably the quest for quick wealth and the belief it can be found. That belief is fortified by facts: Many are finding it.

Few, however, are finding the spectacular gains that Puma investors received, and which put their company at the top of The Wall Street Journal's compilation of 1999's best performing stocks.

And aside from a few maniacal dreamers, you'll find no stock analyst willing to forecast Puma can do it again. But simply that it performed so well, even for just a year, is enough to fuel hopes.

Millions have those hopes, and many who acted on them raised their assets more in a year than they were paid at jobs that occupied them for 10,000 hours. Some have indeed become wealthy.

It is those dreams, however, that scare old-time investors, a good many new-era analysts, and economists who call the present situation an aberration that might end in frustration, not reward.

For one thing, many of your hot stocks aren't going to succeed. Then, too few of the gains are being left to compound, as they must if wealth is to be amassed. …

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