[ Warranty Deeds.]

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A list of Warranty Deeds filed with the Oklahoma County Clerk's office is published daily in The Journal Record. Information listed for each warranty deed includes book and page numbers, the owner of the property granting the property to a new owner, sales price as calculated from revenue stamp amount, property description, and (when available) the property's street address. Listings of grantor and grantee do not necessarily include all those party to the transaction.

Received 6/15/00

B 7806 P 926 -- Helen Wendy Jordan to Robert B. Lehr, Sls Pr. $420,000, L19 B16 Nichols Hills Addn; 1217 Larchmont Lane, Oklahoma City OK 73116.

B 7805 P 821 -- Barry Harding to James S. Fourcade, Sls Pr. $270,000, L4 B3 The Estes of Apple Valley Sec 1 Addn, OKC; 9508 Winding Hollow Road, Oklahoma City OK 73151.

B 7805 P 172 -- Wasserman Realty Co. LLC to Thirty-Six-O-One, LLC, Sls Pr. $250,000, pt SE4 Sec 2 T13N R3W IM.

B 7805 P 810 -- Don A. Boyington, Tr to Michael D. Shepherd, Sls Pr. $218,000, L5 B7 Edgemere Heights Addn, OKC.

B 7805 P 473 -- David R. Adney to Jennifer M. Grisgsby, Sls Pr. $212,000, L2 B5 Bradbury Corner 2nd Addn, Edm; 117 N. Crosstimber Terrace, Edmond OK 73034.

B 7806 P 750 -- Fred Forde Homes Inc to Spencer Meikle, Sls Pr. $190,500, L12 B8 Asheforde Oaks 7th Addn, Edm; 2600 Ashebriar Lane, Edmond OK 73003.

B 7805 P 40 -- Gary J. Latham to Stephen Eugene Stands, Sls Pr. $188,500, L28 B13 Steeplechase 1st Addn, Edm; 3609 Winners Circle, Edmond OK 73034.

B 7805 P 822 -- James W. Witcher to Keith R. Eakins, Sls Pr. $162,000, L15 B20 Edgemere Park Addn, OKC, etc.

B 7806 P 391 -- Jesse Chambers Homes Inc to Theodore W. Herziger, Sls Pr. $162,000, L17 B17 The Meadows At River Bend Sec 4 Addn, OKC; 7417 Green Meadow Lane, Oklahoma City OK 73132.

B 7805 P 820 -- Brent A. Byers to Pamela M. Cook, Sls Pr. $157,500, L7 B8 Lexington Addn; 1665 Sunny Hollow Road, Oklahoma City OK 73003.

B 7805 P 39 -- William J. Powers to Francesca Kay Zahrai, Sls Pr. $149,000, L24 B15 Brookhaven North Addn; 2401 Brookhaven Drive, Edmond OK 73034.

B 7806 P 303 -- Deborah L. Martin, Tr to Gregory A. Schaefer, Sls Pr. $142,000, L14 B2 Walnut Hills Estates Addn, Edm; 1328 Harding Avenue, Edmond OK 73013.

B 7805 P 1958 -- Bell Corporation Inc. dba Bell American Homes to Ernesto J. Bustos, Sls Pr. $127,000, L31 B3 Aspen Hills Addn, OKC; 8301 NW 83rd Street, Oklahoma City OK 73132.

B 7806 P 826 -- William R. Shields Jr to Russell E. Terpenning, Sls Pr. $127,000, L7 B13 Trails 3rd Addn, Edm; 2912 N. Trail Ridge Road, Edmond OK 73003.

B 7806 P 208 -- Associates Relocation Management Co Inc to William E. Koelsch, Sls Pr. $125,000, L17 B6 Willow Bend Sec 1 Addn, OKC; 11736 Silver Sun Drive, Oklahoma City OK 73162.

B 7805 P 824 -- Steven P. Grigsby to Jacqueeta Kay Ayers, Sls Pr. $124,000, L12 B2 Walnut Hill Estates Addn, OKC; 1320 Harding Avenue, Edmond OK 73013.

B 7806 P 302 -- Walter Kevin Hall to Clifford Lenny Henderson, Sls Pr. $120,000, L5 B2 North Nichols Hills Addn; 1324 Andover Court, Oklahoma City OK 73120.

B 7807 P 95 -- Cleatus Fay Kindlund, Tr to Richard Nile Duckworth, Sls Pr. $120,000, L17 & 18 B6 Capitol View Addn, Edm.

B 7805 P 1957 -- Ideal Homes Construction LLC to Carlisa S. Carter-Jacobs, Sls Pr. $119,500, L3 B30 Seminole Pointe Sec 7 Addn, OKC; 16409 Sequoyah Drive, Edmond OK 73013.

B 7806 P 874 -- Ideal Homes Construction LLC to Karen Stacy Hinkel, Sls Pr. $111,500, L7 B30 Seminole Pointe Sec 7 Addn, OKC; 16425 Sequoyah Drive, Oklahoma City OK 73013.

B 7806 P 206 -- James E. Collins to Betty L. Sivigliano, Sls Pr. $110,000, L16 B26 Block 30 Fountaingate of Quail Creek, Sec 36 Quail Creek Addn; 3116 Castle Rock Road, Oklahoma City OK 73120.

B 7805 P 477 -- David K. Pinson to Jonh E. Strah, Sls Pr. $105,000, L6 B6 Oakslawn 2nd Addn, Edm; 717 Pine Oak Drive, Edmond OK 73034. …