Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Truckers Have a Friend in Oklahoma

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Truckers Have a Friend in Oklahoma

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This may fall under the category of "You're not going to believe this!" -- but it is true.

A major advanced technology company is operating right now in Oklahoma City because the State of Oklahoma has adopted policies favorable to the trucking industry. You read that right. A company is here because the trucking laws in the state of Louisiana were egregious when compared to those in Oklahoma.

It flies in the face of conventional wisdom that Oklahoma could be more friendly to business than is Texas or Kansas or just about anywhere else, but it seems our state leaders' efforts to establish Oklahoma as a trucking hub is "paying off."

Enter ProCert Inc. one of the nation's largest transportation industry consulting firms and its youthful President and CEO Chris D. Gorman. Currently operating with 20 employees, ProCert is on track to grow by up to 50 more employees by 2004, a year when the trucking industry is projected to reach $50 billion per year in receipts.

Concentrating on customer service, ProCert on a daily basis and online, provides its customers with operating credentials, including IRP tags, IFTA fuel permits and single-state registration certificates. It also provides its customers with money-saving advice, fuel tax reporting, Federal Heavy Vehicle Use Tax filing and audit support.

With ProCert's team of professionals, the independent truck operator or the fleet owner, has a representative to deal with government regulation at all levels, leaving their customers to concentrate on what they do best -- keeping those 18-wheelers rolling.

A young father of two whose formal education includes music and computer information systems leads the company. He currently is working toward an MBA under an exclusive program at Harvard. Chris Gorman knows the trucking industry and is positioned to take his family's business to new heights in this burgeoning age of business- to-business connectivity. And, he is a client of the Oklahoma Technology Commercialization Center.

Gorman's connection with the Tech Center began with a suggestion from a representative of a CPA firm.

Although his business is serving 3,000 clients and has a history of success, his goal to take it to the next level creates a need for access to investment capital, an activity that is the tech center's strong suit.

There is a mistaken assumption the tech center serves only start- up advanced technology firms. Such companies are a major emphasis for the center but existing technology firms poised to grow with all the uncertainties that entails, are prime candidates for tech center services. Such services include valuation, validating business plans, scrutinizing marketing plans and a host of others often leading to placement of the business owner in front of the Oklahoma Capital Network. …

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