State Regulator Calls for a National Energy Policy

Article excerpt

PHILADELPHIA (AP) -- Had enough of skyrocketing gasoline prices? Get ready for the next domestic energy crisis -- natural gas shortages.

Oklahoma Corporation Commission member Denise Bode said high gasoline prices and natural gas scarcity could become commonplace without a national energy policy.

Bode, a delegate to the Republican National Convention, has been mentioned as a possible energy secretary if Texas Gov. George W. Bush becomes president.

Bode said federal regulators need to do more to help domestic producers find new energy sources and prevent wide fluctuations in price and supply.

"It's an economic policy," Bode said.

"It's not about having huge incentives. It's about not penalizing domestic oil and gas. People aren't going to drill for it."

Bode has warned of natural gas shortages and price increases this winter due to higher usage and insufficient production.

She is not alone in her call for a comprehensive domestic energy policy. …


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