Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Small Business Industry Faces Tough Political Mountain

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Small Business Industry Faces Tough Political Mountain

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What a political roller coaster ride this country has been on! If this doesn't prove that "every vote counts," I don't know what would.

Since I have sought statewide office, I can imagine what Al Gore and George W. Bush are going through right now. They are tired, excited, and anxious for closure. I also think it would be very anticlimatic now to win or lose. It's almost like "whatever."

From the small business perspective, George W. Bush was the choice for the Oval Office. In looking at the makeup of the U.S. House and Senate races, small business owners have a huge job in front of them to impact and generate positive legislation.

In the U.S. Senate -- as of this writing -- Republicans now hold a 54-46 edge. But after Tuesday's voting, their advantage slipped to 50-49, with the Washington state senatorial race still undecided. But the GOP will maintain control even if Democratic challenger Maria Cantwell beats current Washington Sen. Slade Gorton, splitting the Senate 50-50.

If Bush is the next president, Vice President Dick Cheney would act as Senate president and control the tie-breaking vote. And if Gore is elected, Connecticut Sen. Joseph Lieberman would become vice president, but the state's Republican governor would name Lieberman's Republican successor, giving the GOP a 51-49 edge.

There are now 12 women in the Senate ... 12 out of 100. Nine of the 12 are Democrats, three are Republicans. Three of the 12 are newly elected -- and all are Democrats. If Washington state's Gorton loses his race to Cantwell, that will add one more female Democrat senator.

In the U.S. House of Representatives, all the races (435) have been declared except for two still undecided in Florida and New Jersey. Here is some interesting post-election statistics:

* There were 210 Democrats in the House; now 211. There were 223 Republicans in the House; now 220. There were two independents; now two independents

* Nine Republicans lost their seats to Democrats; eight Democrats lost their seats to Republicans. …

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