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Calling Dr. Bombay! Calling Dr. Bombay!

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Calling Dr. Bombay! Calling Dr. Bombay!

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DEAR DR. BOMBAY: My new PC came with Windows Me. I had put some software on a CD and was planning to install it on the new unit. In the past I had used Windows Explorer, but Windows Me does not come with it. I would rather have the old Windows instead of this watered- down one.

-- It's All About Me

DEAR ABOUT: Watered-down? Have you seen how much disk space Me uses compared with Win98? The problem is that there's so much new and slightly different stuff in Me, you haven't had a chance to figure things out yet.

Explorer is most definitely still there. I mean, what kind of a bonehead would release an operating system without some sort of file manager? OK, bad example. I forgot we're dealing with Microsoft. But, trust me, it really is still there.

Win Me includes the same use-it-or-lose-it menu system that has been ticking off Office 2000 users for quite a while now. Windows decides that if you haven't used a menu item in a while, it won't display it.

Whenever Windows scrunches up the menu to eliminate the unused stuff, you'll see a double-headed, downward-pointing arrow at the bottom of the menu. Hold your cursor on it for a second, and the menu expands.

If you still can't find Explorer, then somebody is goofing with your head. Go to the Run dialog in the Start menu, type in "Explorer" and hit Enter. If it starts up, you're simply missing the shortcut, which you can re-create by right-clicking on an empty spot on the desktop. Select New from the menu, then Shortcut, then follow the instructions. If you can't find it, Explorer.exe is generally in the Windows folder.

As long as it's already installed, I'd hang on to Me for a while. It's actually less buggy than Win98. In fact, the only real problem I've encountered has been getting older software and drivers to work correctly. For example, until new drivers are available for both my scanner and my digital camera, I'm practically out of the paparazzi business. …

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