Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

DCA Launches New Bill Management Product

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

DCA Launches New Bill Management Product

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DCA Services on Thursday launched a new product that will allow telecommunications carriers to manage billing and back-office accounts remotely.

Accounts will be managed by logging into the wireless Internet through a personal digital assistant, a laptop or their desktop.

The new business-to-business tool, DCA Remote Manager, gives clients of the Oklahoma City-based company access to billing and back-office data in real time, providing them with greater control and visibility over the operational services they outsource.

"For the first time, we can look the president of a telecom company in the eye and say that he will receive more control and visibility by outsourcing than he can get by running things in house," said Rick Nagel, president of DCA Services.

DCA Remote Manager helps clients manage the processes surrounding the four basic functions for a telecommunications business -- sales, provisioning, billing and collections, Nagel said.

In real time, DCA clients can watch the sales process as it happens, can check their orders as they're entered and provisioned, can assure that their billing is on time and accurate, and can check to see if they're collecting on accounts. These functions enable organizations to know exactly where they stand from an accounting and cash posting perspective and to manage these aspects more effectively.

"Clients can literally be sitting on a beach and obtain the pulse of their business through the statistics delivered via the PDA," Nagel said. "Every critical piece of information is available for review and drill-down analysis at the touch of a screen."

DCA Remote Manager also summarizes many of the core operational reports used to manage a telecommunications business, eliminating the necessity of pouring through a large reporting package.

"As we developed DCA Remote Manager, we looked at the kinds of information our clients most wanted to receive," said Craig Brooks, vice president of operations for DCA Services. "DCA Remote Manager breaks down bulky reports into executive level summaries, graphically giving clients information that is easy to read, easy to analyze and vital to their decision making process."

Defending the FBI

The former agent in charge of the FBI in Oklahoma gave little credence to a 60 Minutes II report in which some present and former agents criticized the agency's handling of the federal building bombing investigation.

Bob Ricks, who now serves as Gov. Frank Keating's Cabinet secretary for public safety, told the Tulsa World that the four agents' concerns and complaints about the FBI were "a lot to do about nothing."

Former agent Rick Ojeda, who Ricks said worked in the Durant office and was later fired, told Dan Rather that he thought leads he had worked on should have been turned over.

Ricks said he didn't think Ojeda was a credible source because of his personal issues with the agency and the fact he had "almost nothing to do with" the bombing probe.

Recent revelations about FBI files not given to federal prosecutors or attorneys for bomber Timothy McVeigh and co- conspirator Terry Nichols resulted in the postponement of McVeigh's May 16 execution.

The date was reset for June 11.

On Thursday, McVeigh's lawyers said they will ask for a stay of execution. They want more time to review the documents released by the FBI.

Ricks, who was one of the agents in charge during the 1993 raid on the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas, said he is not aware of anyone coming forward to claim that the documents were intentionally withheld.

"It does appear to be negligence or just lack of good quality management that caused this to occur. There is no excuse or justification," said Ricks, who retired from the FBI in 1995. …

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