Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Commentary: 7 Albums to Share a Meal Over

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Commentary: 7 Albums to Share a Meal Over

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Ornette Coleman

Free Jazz - Breaking bread to this album never fails to spur great conversation. Those who don't care for jazz will immediately ask just what that sonic mess is. Those who appreciate jazz might elevate the topic to Coleman's plastic sax, innate sense of order in disorder, or his revolutionary approach to rhythm, and then they still might request turning down Ornette's musical equivalent to a Picasso painting. But if you can salt the group with someone who really, really loves jazz, and they don't mind fighting an uphill battle with the uneducated, then let Free Jazz rip and see where it takes you.

The Best of Broadway

The Best of Broadway - This one always revives fond memories. Most everyone has heard There's No Business Like Show Business, Maria, Till There Was You, Anything You Can Do or Ol' Man River, even if they haven't seen the shows. But since this Angel release draws on the Broadway show soundtracks, these cuts often differ from the film productions many identify the classics with - providing another avenue for enjoying shared ideas.

Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin IV - Though it works for every meal, this one's especially good at breakfast. Pour yourself a bowl of something chewy, like Grape Nuts, Quisp or Captain Crunch, and then work your jaws to the beat. It may sound silly, but just try and keep your teeth in time to Jimmy Page as his guitar rips through Black Dog, or to John Bonham's drums in Rock and Roll. Not only does this prove a good cardiac exercise, but it provides a fun morning game for bonding with your kids (and teaching them to eat with their mouths closed), all the while providing a whole new meaning to the concept of chewing. Note: You might want to keep some ice handy, just in case someone clips a tongue. And don't worry if at first it seems too difficult; the boys slow down some before you get to Misty Mountain Hop. …

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