OKC-Based Advancia Enters Vision-Testing Market

Article excerpt

Advancia Corp. of Oklahoma City is beginning a vision-testing program through the Federal Aviation Administration's Civil Aerospace Medical Institute (CAMI). Advancia was recently awarded a contract to help CAMI find the affects of altitude on color vision and gauge the performance of passengers on aircraft.

Advancia officials said the human test subjects will be researched at 12,400 feet for cognitive performance and color perception.

Advancia is on the hunt for participants, who will make $15 an hour and will be given a small travel stipend. The test subjects will be between 18 and 59 years of age, nonsmokers and in good health.

Physical exams will be given at the FAA and will include color- vision screening and a medical exam.

"This research is ongoing through October and we are looking for more qualified men to participate in this study," said Rudy Alvarado, president and chief executive of Advancia. "This is to test how colorblind passengers do with different lights. High altitude affects the perception of color. About 80 participants are needed, and they will each go back at least two days."

Alvarado said many tests have been done for CAMI. …


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