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OKC Attorney Mike Gassaway Denies Agreeing to Exchange Legal Fees for Sex

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

OKC Attorney Mike Gassaway Denies Agreeing to Exchange Legal Fees for Sex

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Oklahoma Bar Association attorneys started their cross- examination of Oklahoma City attorney Mike Gassaway late Wednesday, as the attorney facing a disciplinary complaint told a tribunal that a client's girlfriend set him up in a situation that led to his arrest for solicitation of prostitution.

Gassaway was ultimately acquitted of the charge in April.

Bar assistant general counsel Janna Hall and Gassaway's attorney Bill Bock argued over whether a videotape of Gassaway's arrest should be viewed.

"The only probative value it has is to embarrass Mr. Gassaway," said Bock.

Hall asked that it be played so that Gassaway could respond to questions about its contents.

The video was played.

However, at Bock's request the press was ordered out of the room where the hearing is taking place.

Gassaway later responded to questions based on a transcript of the audio portion of the tape.

Gassaway told Hall that the woman in question was not his client.

"She is the lady who set me up," he said.

Her boyfriend was a Gassaway client, however.

Gassaway said the woman hired him on the man's behalf.

Hall asked Gassaway whether he objected when the woman, who said she was short of funds to pay the legal fee, suggested oral sex for $300.

"I did not," Gassaway replied.

After reading a transcript of a discussion between the woman and Gassaway regarding the boyfriend's fees, Hall asked Gassaway whether he said, "It's going to pay his fees, absolutely."

Gassaway did not dispute that the statement was made.

However, he said the woman offered him sex in exchange for legal fees, but he was not willing to make that trade.

He also read portions of the transcript where he told the woman that if she did not want to do it, she should not do so.

Gassaway also said his remark of "We'll get it on the books for you," did not refer to an exchange of sex for legal fees.

This allegation is one of 15 counts filed with the Oklahoma Supreme Court against Gassaway.

Several are allegations from other women who claim either that they had sex with the attorney in exchange for reduced legal fees or that they were pressured to do so. …

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