Newspaper article The Canadian Press

Review: How Does Samsung's Galaxy S III Stack Up against Apple's iPhone 4S?

Newspaper article The Canadian Press

Review: How Does Samsung's Galaxy S III Stack Up against Apple's iPhone 4S?

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Review: Samsung Galaxy S III vs Apple iPhone


TORONTO - For many consumers wondering whether to buy Samsung's latest flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S III, there's really only one question to be answered: is it an iPhone killer? Or, perhaps more fairly, does it stack up against Apple's popular iPhone 4S?

Well, aside from the most faithful Apple fanatics who really wouldn't consider anything other than an iPhone anyway, there's no question that Samsung's latest and greatest -- out Wednesday -- would satisfy most consumers in the market for a top-of-the-line phone.

One of the biggest differentiators between iPhones and Samsung's latest smartphone models is screen size. While not quite as oversized as the 13.5-centimetre screen of Samsung's Note smartphone/tablet hybrid, the Galaxy S III's 12.2-centimetre display is dramatically larger than the iPhone's 8.9-centimetre screen. Apple's smartphone seems a little tiny when lined up side by side with the Galaxy S III.

While Apple has done an incredible job bringing the mobile web to the masses, the extra few centimetres of screen real estate is very much welcomed when browsing the web, particularly when navigating full-scale versions of websites and not just the scaled-down mobile versions. It's similarly satisfying to have the extra screen space when watching video, playing a game or using an app. And the trade off, having a larger phone to stick in your pocket or tuck inside a purse, really isn't much of a negative. It doesn't slip covertly into a shirt pocket but will fit comfortably in all but the tightest of jeans. And when comparing the resolution of the Galaxy S III versus the iPhone's much vaunted Retina display technology, it's a wash. Both can output razor sharp text -- even when zoomed in unnecessarily close -- and vividly colourful photos and video.

While the Galaxy S III, which runs on the latest version of Google's Android mobile operating system, competes strongly against any other phone on the market when it comes to technical specifications, it's not something Samsung is boasting about or even highlighting much. …

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