Newspaper article The Canadian Press

Editorial Exchange: Drug Cartels Winning in Mexico

Newspaper article The Canadian Press

Editorial Exchange: Drug Cartels Winning in Mexico

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Editorial Exchange: Drug cartels winning in Mexico


An editorial from the Kamloops Daily News, published July 14:

If you believe that a strong and independent press if vital to any properly functioning democracy (and it is), then recent events involving drug cartels and their impact on Mexican newspapers are cause for grave concern.

In the northern Mexico border city of Nuevo Laredo, the El Manana newspaper recently informed readers that it will no longer cover drug-gang violence as a result of repeated grenade attacks on its offices.

"We ask for the public's comprehension and will refrain, for as long as needed, from publishing any information related to the violent disputes our city and other regions of the country are suffering," the paper said in an editorial.

The newspaper said it was forced to make the unusually public announcement to protect its employees from violent attacks, kidnappings and murders.

Earlier in the week, another newspaper -- the El Norte -- was the target of grenade attacks and gunfire, although it has not yet promised to end coverage of the drug wars.

The El Manana announcement represents another victory for the drug cartels in the escalating atmosphere of violence in Mexico, one that Enrique Pena Nieto, the nation's next president, has promised to make a top priority for his administration.

While one of his campaign promises was to create a special paramilitary police force to crack down on gangs, critics say Pena Nieto lacks an overall plan to tackle the problem. …

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