Newspaper article The Canadian Press

Accused PQ Election Shooter Speaks from Jailhouse, Just as New Premier Sworn In

Newspaper article The Canadian Press

Accused PQ Election Shooter Speaks from Jailhouse, Just as New Premier Sworn In

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Accused PQ shooter speaks from jailhouse


MONTREAL - The accused killer who allegedly opened fire on the Parti Quebecois election-night celebration surfaced again Wednesday -- speaking out just as the new government was being sworn in.

Montreal radio stations reported receiving a call from Richard Henry Bain, from his detention centre's infirmary, seeking to air his political views.

He told CJAD he believed Montreal should separate from Quebec and become its own province. The radio station said that phone call lasted 38 minutes, but it chose to only run a brief snippet of the interview on the air to avoid giving him a political platform.

It said he refused to answer questions about the Sept. 4 shooting outside the PQ rally that wounded one man and killed Denis Blanchette, a 48-year-old lighting technician.

"Don't look at what I'm accused of, OK?" Bain reportedly said, according to a news story posted on the station's website.

In a clip that aired, Bain is heard sharing his vision that Montreal should separate from the rest of Quebec because, in his opinion, that might help ensure greater harmony between anglophones, allophones and francophones.

The radio station reported that he indicated several times the plan was a message from God.

"My vision is that the island of Montreal separates to become its own province," he said.

The station also reported that Bain's legal-aid attorney, Elfriede Duclervil, said her client was seen by a psychiatrist recently and that the doctor indicated he was "not doing very well."

The station said Bain placed the call from the east-end jail without his lawyer's knowledge.

CJAD reported that Duclervil said there is some question as to whether Bain will be fit to stand trial.

"We need more information -- certainly the psychiatrist is going to want more information, more meetings with Mr. Bain," said Duclervil, who was reportedly surprised that her client got access to a telephone.

The radio station said Bain initially refused to identify himself but was eventually persuaded to do so.

"My name is Richard Henry Bain," he said, before being asked where he was calling from.

"The detention centre in Riviere-des-Prairies. …

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