Newspaper article The Canadian Press

Health-Lifestyles News Advisory as of 5 P.M. ET Thursday, Feb. 28

Newspaper article The Canadian Press

Health-Lifestyles News Advisory as of 5 P.M. ET Thursday, Feb. 28

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Health-Lifestyles News Advisory


Thursday, Feb. 28, 2013

5 p.m.


Here are the Health-Lifestyles-Travel stories from The Canadian Press as of 5 p.m. ET. Coverage plans are included when available. Entries are subject to change as news develops. Questions can go to Andrea Baillie at 416-507-2162.


Higher premiums for elderly drivers gets OK


TORONTO -- Auto insurance companies have the right to charge higher premiums for geriatric drivers given evidence they pose a higher crash risk, Ontario's Human Rights Tribunal has decided.The elderly driver who brought the discrimination case says the industry now has licence to charge those over age 80 hundreds of dollars a year extra.


Making left turn while on cell taxes brain: study


TORONTO -- Drivers who talk on a cellphone -- even one that's hands-free -- while executing a left-hand turn at an intersection could be putting themselves at serious risk, say neuroscientists who imaged the brain to see how it copes with competing tasks.Making a left turn and phone-chatting at the same time "could be the most dangerous thing they ever do on the road," said Tom Schweizer, director of neuroscience research at St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto. PHOTO.


Speedometer top speed often exceeds reality


DETROIT -- The speedometer on the Toyota Yaris says the tiny car can go 140 miles per hour.In reality, the bulbous subcompact's 106-horsepower engine and automatic transmission can't push it any faster than 109.


Modernist cooking creates surge of science shops


Milk, eggs, cheese, tomatoes, transglutaminase, sodium citrate...It may not sound like the last grocery list you wrote, but the growing appeal of so-called modernist cooking -- a science-tastic take on haute cuisine -- has more home cooks adding laboratory-worthy ingredients and gizmos to their shopping. …

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