Newspaper article The Daily Yomiuri (Toyko, Japan)

Universities Welcome Effort to Aid Job-Hunting Process

Newspaper article The Daily Yomiuri (Toyko, Japan)

Universities Welcome Effort to Aid Job-Hunting Process

Article excerpt

University officials and students have welcomed the government's push to delay the start of corporate recruiting activities.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Friday asked business association leaders to delay the official start of the job-hunting season for university students and others until March of their third year.

The Abe administration also requested firms to postpone interviews and other screenings until August of students' fourth year.

These government initiatives were largely in line with what universities and others had requested.

A panel of public and private university representatives and others formed to address student job search issues had asked business leaders to delay recruiting until at least March of the third academic year. The panel also asked business circles not to start screenings earlier than the fourth-year summer break.

"Thanks to [the new schedule], students can focus on learning for three years, which will allow them to have a fulfilling college life," said Isao Takase, a head official at Meiji University's employment support section.

Many third-year students begin skipping classes in December to fill out job application forms, he said, as this has traditionally been the first month of job hunting for university students.

A teacher at another private university agreed that the number of absent students increases around that time.

"So few juniors attended classes in the latter half of the year, it became hard to hold seminars," the teacher said. "The number of students who don't turn in papers also increases. I barely feel like I'm teaching."

The new job-hunting schedule is expected to be applied when the current sophomore class enters its junior year. …

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