Newspaper article The Canadian Press

Jill Pollack Digs at Causes of Clutter, Helps Organize Messy Homes on 'Consumed'

Newspaper article The Canadian Press

Jill Pollack Digs at Causes of Clutter, Helps Organize Messy Homes on 'Consumed'

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'Consumed' host digs at root causes of clutter


TORONTO - Beneath the piles of discarded clothes, papers or toys which may be littered throughout a home, "Consumed" host Jill Pollack said there's likely a deeper root cause to the clutter that isn't visible amidst the congestion.

"We all have clutter...but when it's affecting your life in the way it is affecting the lives of these families on 'Consumed,' it really is often about something else," Pollack said in a recent interview.

"Is it about power? Is it about literally building walls --emotional walls, physical walls? What is this clutter doing? Why is this stuff literally in the way? And how is it wreaking havoc on their lives?"

On "Consumed," the organizational expert works with families whose homes have been overrun by too many items.

After removing the physical excess, they're left with the bare essentials to survive with over a two-week period as Pollack tries to get to the heart of their emotional connection to the goods. The host also helps them to assess what to keep and what to toss. Meanwhile, handyman Darren Doyle creates organizational systems designed to help make their spaces more functional.

The Season 2 premiere airing Saturday at 5 p.m. ET on HGTV Canada sees Pollack working with a husband and wife with four-year-old twins.

Bruce is addicted to hockey memorabilia and is keen to have his deer heads and bear skins mounted on the walls. Work-at-home mother Trish feels she's been left alone to deal with the clutter clogging up their home with her husband away at work as well as off on hunting trips and excursions. But Trish has tangible items of her own from her past she's reticent to part ways with as well.

The challenges confronted by families on "Consumed" are ones commonly observed by Pollack, whose client roster includes actresses Marcia Cross and Felicity Huffman of "Desperate Housewives" fame.

Pollack recalled a client who was a former high-powered lawyer in New York. The woman had become a yoga instructor in Santa Barbara when the pair started working together. …

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