Newspaper article The Canadian Press

Editorial Exchange: Preserve Oath to the Queen

Newspaper article The Canadian Press

Editorial Exchange: Preserve Oath to the Queen

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Editorial Exchange: Preserve oath to the Queen


An editorial from the Guelph Mercury, published July 13:

On Friday, three permanent residents of Canada went to court demanding that they be granted citizenship in this wonderful country without having to swear allegiance to the Queen.

Let's hope they fail miserably. Chaos would ensue if they win.

That victory would scrap the oath that has essentially been in place for 146 years and require the crafting of a new statement to which aspiring citizens would have to consent. This, in fact, appears to be the goal of the trio of anti-monarchists who argued their case before the Ontario Superior Court in Toronto.

One, an Irish citizen who has lived here for 50 years, says he is a republican and should not be compelled to swear allegiance to a monarch.

It's worth pointing out that no one is forcing him to do anything. He can remain true to his beliefs and also remain living in this country without being a citizen. He can become a citizen, then work to end the monarchy. Becoming a citizen is a voluntary act and he is free to choose whether he will take this step or not.

But what if he wins his case? Let's say that in the future, the government requires newcomers to swear their loyalty to the nation of Canada as a condition of being granted citizenship rights -- which include voting and carrying a Canadian passport.

What if a few years later, a newcomer who disagrees with the concept of big state governments, an anarchist for instance, objects to this new oath? Will Canada have to rewrite it again?

So let's say the next precondition is loyalty to the people of Canada? What if a newcomer who identifies with Quebec sovereigntists finds that unsatisfactory? Will the federal government keep reviewing, revising, revamping, each time someone objects, no matter how arbitrary, trivial or obscure the objection? …

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