Newspaper article The Canadian Press

Health-Lifestyles News Advisory as of 5 P.M. ET Wednesday, July 17

Newspaper article The Canadian Press

Health-Lifestyles News Advisory as of 5 P.M. ET Wednesday, July 17

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Health-Lifestyles News Advisory


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

5 p.m.


Here are the Health-Lifestyles-Travel stories from The Canadian Press as of 5 p.m. ET. Entries are subject to change as news develops. Questions can go to Lois Abraham at 416-507-2038.


WHO advisers say MERS not an emergency now


TORONTO -- An expert panel has advised the World Health Organization that the MERS outbreak doesn't currently meet the conditions of a public health emergency of international concern. The group, which includes Public Health Agency of Canada expert Dr. Theresa Tam, met Wednesday to consider whether to advise the WHO to declare the outbreak an emergency. By Helen Branswell. PHOTO.


Cellphones boast senior-friendly features


MONTREAL -- Mobile phones are adapting as the population ages. Bigger screens and keypads, amplified speakers, simplified cameras, and hearing-aid compatibility are senior-friendly features some manufacturers are exploring, said PC Magazine mobile analyst Sascha Segan. Moved Lifestyles and Business.


Carpe diem lives on as motto in Italian town


VENOSA -- Horace, the great Latin poet of ancient Rome, was confident of his literary legacy: "I have achieved a monument more lasting than bronze, and loftier than the pyramids of kings," he wrote in one of his celebrated odes. His physical monument here is an impressive tribute -- maybe a bit too impressive. Erected in his birthplace of Venosa in 1898, the larger-than-life-size bronze depicts a tall, perfectly proportioned, toga-clad figure -- despite the fact that Horace described himself as being short and stout. By Mike Fuhrmann. PHOTOS.


What can schools sell instead of candy? Trash bags


NEW YORK -- When Beth Hendrickson first proposed selling garbage bags instead of candy as a school fundraiser, "people laughed at us. "They don't laugh anymore. Hendrickson, principal of St. Ann Interparochial School in Morganfield, Ky., says the school makes $20,000 a year selling garbage bags. And it's not just parents of the school's 230 students who buy them. Local businesses and government offices in Morganfield -- population 3,500 -- buy garbage bags from the school as well. "Nobody needs candy," Hendrickson says. "But trash bags -- that's something everybody needs." PHOTO.


Memory decline may be earliest sign of dementia


BOSTON -- Memory problems that are often dismissed as a normal part of aging may not be so harmless after all. Noticing you have a decline beyond the occasional misplaced car keys or forgotten name could be the very earliest sign of Alzheimer's, several research teams are reporting.

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