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Editorial Exchange: Here's to the Boy Born to Be King

Newspaper article The Canadian Press

Editorial Exchange: Here's to the Boy Born to Be King

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Editorial Exchange: Here's to the boy born to be king


An editorial from the Waterloo Region Record, published July 23:

More than 300,000 babies entered the world Monday, but the eyes of that world were most intently focused on one still nameless little boy who was born in a hospital in London, England.

The infant was as helpless as any of the others and, if truth be told, no more loved or cherished by his parents than most of the several hundred thousand other babies that as fate decreed were to share his birthday. But he happens to be third in line to become king of the United Kingdom, Canada, and 14 other Commonwealth countries, and this made all the difference.

To be sure, the members of the British Royal family are, in this electronically wired, media-saturated 21st century, in the first rank of celebrities and are watched and wondered about with the same breathless intensity accorded to Hollywood's most mega megastars or the richest of the sporting world's plutocrats.

But his automatic membership in this exclusive and mysterious club does not, on its own, explain why so many people were glued to newspaper websites, television screens or twitter feeds Monday afternoon, or why Canada's tallest structure, the CN Tower, was lit up in blue that night to honour the boy.

Certainly the day resonated with monarchists in Britain, Canada and throughout the Commonwealth, who genuinely had something to cheer about. While Canadians remain divided by the matter of the monarchy in their own country, many retain an enthusiasm for it. The joyful news of Monday's birth may be even more relished by royalists who recall the scandal and tragedy that touched this same Royal family in the 1990s.

But there is more going on here than political support for that unique form of government, the constitutional monarchy. Surely many people are most interested in this little prince because he is the latest living link in a remarkably resilient chain of tradition that stretches back 1,000 and more years. …

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