Newspaper article China Post

September Is a Month for Politics in Taiwan

Newspaper article China Post

September Is a Month for Politics in Taiwan

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After the events of the past few weeks, Legislative Yuan Speaker Wang Jin-pyng ([...]) has certainly become the most well-known politician in the nation. He drew more attention in the past few weeks than in the past three decades of his political career.

All is thanks to his party chairman, our president Ma Ying-jeou, who is trying so hard to defend the "bottom line" of right and wrong over an alleged influence-peddling case.

While Ma and Wang are facing a second-round match through legal procedure over Wang's party membership, this week, three people declared themselves candidates in next year's Taipei mayoral battle ring.

Perhaps some background information is needed. So far, four Kuomintang (KMT) members have expressed their willingness to seek the party's nomination for next year's Taipei mayoral election.

The KMT's hopefuls include Legislator Tsai Cheng-yuan ([...]), Legislator Ting Shou-chung ([...]), Councilor Yang Shi-chiu ([...]) and Chin Hui-chu ([...]).

We have not yet included Sean Lien ([...]), son of former Vice President Lien Chan ([...]), who recently criticized Ma's way of handling the controversy over Wang. Lien, however, is undecided on the mayoral candidacy.

As for the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), lawyer Wellington Koo ([...]), who represented former President Chen Shui-bian ([...]) in his state affairs fund abuse case, on Wednesday morning said that DPP Chairman Su Tseng-chang ([...]) approached him and discussed the possibility of him running for Taipei mayor.

Su later on the same day told local press that he would discuss the same matter with National Taiwan University Hospital doctor Ko Wen-je ([...]).

Well, Su's choice seems clear.

Former DPP Chairwoman Tsai Ing-wen ([...]) is staying neutral on this issue, saying both Ko and Koo have been her close friends for years.

And let's not forget that former Vice President Annette Lu ([...]) and Legislator Hsu Tain-tsair ([...]]) have also hinted at seeking the DPP's nomination in the Taipei mayoral race.

Commentators have said none of those KMT members who have declared to run for Taipei mayor are Ma's picks in the race. …

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