Newspaper article The Canadian Press

Health-Lifestyles News Advisory as of 5 P.M. ET Monday, Dec. 9

Newspaper article The Canadian Press

Health-Lifestyles News Advisory as of 5 P.M. ET Monday, Dec. 9

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Health-Lifestyles News Advisory


Monday, Dec. 9, 2013

5 p.m.


Here are the Health-Lifestyles-Travel stories from The Canadian Press as of 5 p.m. ET. Entries are subject to change as news develops. Questions can go to Andrea Baillie at 416-507-2162.


Christmas challenging when cancer strikes family


TORONTO -- It's considered, as the song says, the most wonderful time of the year. But for those coping with cancer and for their loved ones, Christmas and the holiday season can be fraught with emotion, remembering what was and, for some, what may never be again. By Sheryl Ubelacker. With Cancer-What-To-Say. PHOTO.


Santa School: A how-to on becoming Mr. Claus


UNDATED -- You can look the part with the beard, red suit and rotund belly. But the owner of the Santa School says there's more to inhabiting the spirit of Claus than merely mimicking his distinctive physical appearance. Would-be Santas have travelled from around the world to the Calgary school for in-depth training and tips on becoming Claus. By Lauren La Rose. PHOTOS.


Study says many lung cancer tumors prove harmless


CHICAGO -- Harmless lung cancer? A provocative study found that nearly 1 in 5 lung tumors detected on CT scans are probably so slow-growing that they would never cause problems.The analysis suggests the world's No. 1 cause of cancer deaths isn't as lethal as doctors once thought. PHOTO.


Quebec town turns into mecca for people who love ice fishing


MONTREAL -- The small Quebec town of Sainte-Anne-de-la-Perade boasts it's the world capital for tommycod fishing and it welcomes tens of thousands of visitors annually. As the story goes, a local grocer went out on the nearby Sainte-Anne River in 1938 to cut up blocks of ice he would then put into boxes to keep his meat refrigerated. When he cut through the ice, he noticed small codfish in the river. The word spread and soon fishing huts began springing up every winter, turning part of the river into a small village on ice. PHOTOS.


Rising riches: 1 in 5 in US reaches affluence


WASHINGTON -- It's not just the wealthiest 1 per cent.Fully 20 per cent of U.S. adults become rich for parts of their lives, wielding outsize influence on America's economy and politics. This little-known group may pose the biggest barrier to reducing the nation's income inequality. PHOTO.


Champagne widows stamped grand legacy on wine


REIMS -- For Champagne to become the tipple it is today -- popped at weddings, quaffed in casinos, sprayed by racing drivers and smashed against ships -- a few men had to die.Not just any old men. Young ones married to clever young women. …

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