New Cirque Du Soleil Show 'Kurios' Seeks to Transport Audience to New Realms

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New Cirque show 'Kurios' creates another world


MONTREAL - The Cirque du soleil is known for putting on ambitious shows. With "Kurios -- Cabinet of curiosities," it plans to transport its audiences to a whole new world populated with fantastic characters.

OK, not literally. But director Michel Laprise isn't just looking to entertain. He wants people to go home with plenty of food for thought about creativity and how it can be used to see life's possibilities.

"We want the show to live in people's hearts, even after the show."

"Kurios" will premiere in Montreal's Old Port on April 24 and then head to Quebec City on July 24 and Toronto on Aug. 28.

It takes place under what appears to be a Big Top circus tent that harks back to the 19th century, an era Laprise described as a golden age because of its rapid societal and technological advancement.

"It was a phenomenal time for humanity," Laprise said. "People were travelling, they were dreaming of other worlds."

He pointed out that people's lives were changing through the use of electricity, distances were shrinking as rail travel expanded and became faster, and people were able to communicate with each other quickly through the invention of the telegraph.

"People were very enthusiastic and they had the feeling that everything is possible," he said, adding he wants audiences to believe when they leave the show that possibilities are limitless for them too.

"If people take that from our show, that everything in life, with your imagination, can become more interesting, can bring you closer to another person, then I think we'll have succeeded."

He said he feels people are now living in an era with an abundance of possibilities, despite the various problems that plague society. …


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