Newspaper article The Canadian Press

Bruce McDonald's 'The Husband' Offers Unique Take on Teacher-Student Sex Scandal

Newspaper article The Canadian Press

Bruce McDonald's 'The Husband' Offers Unique Take on Teacher-Student Sex Scandal

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Bruce McDonald shows love in 'The Husband'


TORONTO - Canadian director Bruce McDonald says he wasn't daunted by the age factor in his new film "The Husband," about a 30-something couple torn apart when the wife sleeps with her 14-year-old student.

"I just looked at it like kind of a love story and a sort of bad patch in a marriage," he said in an interview.

"I know the whole issue with kids and sex and all that stuff. It's kind of a touchy subject, I suppose. But I thought: 'Well, the kid's 14, he's old enough and she's old enough.'"

"It's basically, they can have sex, but she's a school teacher," continued McDonald. "She's got a profession to uphold, but if they want to have sex, to me that's sort of OK. But she shouldn't do that when she's married and she sure shouldn't do it when she's a school teacher. It's kind of abusing her privileges.

"But the idea of when you're 13, 14, it's sort of allowed, you can have sex. That's what people do, sort of. Not everybody, but it's not murderous or punishing and so I never got too worried, I guess, because it's all laid out there."

Maxwell McCabe-Lokos, whose acting credits include "Lars and the Real Girl" and "The Tracey Fragments," co-wrote (with Kelly Harms) the drama/dark comedy that opens Friday in Toronto.

He also stars in it as Henry, a Toronto ad agency worker tormented by a growing inner rage and humiliation when wife Alyssa -- played by Sarah Allen -- is convicted for having sex with a student named Colin (Dylan Authors).

As he visits Alyssa in prison while taking care of their 18-month-old son and working full-time, Henry becomes fixated on Colin and begins to seek him out through social media and in his neighbourhood.

The film, which co-stars August Diehl and Stephen McHattie, debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival in September and went on to win an award for best Canadian feature at the Whistler Film Festival.

"I thought it was important at the beginning of the story to show he loves his wife," said McDonald, who directed McCabe-Lokos in the 2007 drama "The Tracey Fragments."

"He loves her a lot. He loved her then, he loves her now. It's just more difficult to love her now because of what she's done, but it was important to establish the fact that he loves her. …

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