Newspaper article The Canadian Press

'Afflicted' Horror Filmmakers Remain Quiet about Plot Twist

Newspaper article The Canadian Press

'Afflicted' Horror Filmmakers Remain Quiet about Plot Twist

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'Afflicted' filmmakers mum on plot twist


TORONTO - Promoting their debut horror film without discussing its key plot point so as not to spoil the twist has been "very difficult," admit "Afflicted" stars and creators Clif Prowse and Derek Lee.

Opening Friday in select theatres across Canada, the found-footage-style thriller stars the Vancouverites as longtime friends who go on a bucket-list global adventure after Lee's character is diagnosed with a life-threatening condition.

Things go awry when a woman he takes back to his hotel room attacks him and he develops mysterious maladies -- the origin of which the filmmakers hope won't be revealed in the press.

"If you know what the film is about, you'll still be able to enjoy it," Lee, who wrote and directed with Prowse, said in a recent interview.

"But we just found that there's a good -- I'm going pull a random number out here as an abstraction -- but like 10 per cent, 15 per cent more enjoyment if you get that nice surprise twist at the 25, 35, 45-minute mark, depending on when you figure out what's going on."

"Afflicted" blurs the lines between fiction and reality in many ways.

For instance, Lee and Prowse used their own names for their characters and gave them similar qualities, including the fact they've been friends since high school and that the latter is a filmmaker with a fear of heights.

They also used their own home video footage and cast friends, family members and others they met during their travels in the film, which often unfolds in real-life scenarios rather than on sets.

"We became obsessed with this idea of when documentary style movies are working at their best, it really feels like reality," said Prowse. "So we wanted to tap into that as much as possible."

The 35-year-olds -- whose previous efforts include the short films "Waterfall," "No Backing Out" and "Snakehead" -- have been friends since attending a French immersion high school in Vancouver in the '90s.

They met in English class and bonded over the film "Desperado" starring Antonio Banderas.

"We just saw it and thought, 'That looks like a lot of fun, we should totally be doing this with our spare time,'" said Prowse. …

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