Newspaper article The Canadian Press

Yunjin Kim Doesn't Fear Grim Reaper on 'Mistresses' as She Did on 'Lost'

Newspaper article The Canadian Press

Yunjin Kim Doesn't Fear Grim Reaper on 'Mistresses' as She Did on 'Lost'

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Yunjin Kim back for 'Mistresses' season 2


TORONTO - Unlike her days dodging a Smoke Monster and exploring underground hatches on the mysterious island of "Lost," actress Yunjin Kim feels a sense of security about the fate of her character on the summer soap "Mistresses."

Hence when she learned that Karen would be held at gunpoint in the cliffhanger season 1 finale, she was confident she would be back for season 2, which debuts Monday at 10 p.m. ET on CTV.

"She survived," Kim said with a laugh in a telephone interview. "'Mistresses,' it's not like 'Lost,' where I don't think the main characters really need to worry about being killed off the show.

"I was feeling a little confident that it wasn't my blood on that white couch that splattered."

Such information should not be considered a spoiler. After all, Karen is seen in the season 2 promos, and the description for the first episode mentions her overcoming setbacks.

For those who haven't seen the ABC series, it centres around four girlfriends. The other three are played by Alyssa Milano, Rochelle Aytes and Jes Macallan.

Karen is a psychiatrist with a messy romantic life. At the start of season 1, she was reeling from the death of a wealthy patient with whom she'd had an affair. Then she became involved with his son -- a move that led to her being held at gunpoint by the son's mother (Penelope Ann Miller).

Kim said season 2 picks up about six months after the last one ended and sees a single Karen trying to pick up the pieces of her life, getting into "crazy situations" and being a lot more "colourful."

"It's just been so much fun," she said. "Last year felt heavier, all of my storylines, for obvious reasons, but just very serious. But this season there's a lot more comedy to Karen overall, just a lot more layers.

"It's good, it's so juicy -- it's so juicy," she added, her giddiness palpable over the line from Los Angeles. …

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