Newspaper article China Post

Retired Generals Must Earn the Respect of the Nation

Newspaper article China Post

Retired Generals Must Earn the Respect of the Nation

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In most countries, military personnel are seen as having a noble profession.

That is not the case in Taiwan, however, when servicemen and women are not as well-respected as their foreign counterparts despite the Taiwanese military's repeated calls for the people to show them more respect.

The reason behind the relatively low social status of military personnel on the island nation is a series of scandals that have erupted over the past few years, including sexual harassment cases and occasional espionage cases involving high-ranking military officials, such as the case of Lo Hsien-che ([...]), a former Army major general who was sentenced to life imprisonment after being convicted of carrying out espionage on behalf of Beijing.

Two recent cases centering on retired generals again remind us why military personnel, whether active or retired, are not given respect.

An investigative report released by the Control Yuan last Wednesday accused the Veterans Affairs Commission (VAC, [...]) of political patronage in its appointing of retired military personnel to top managment positions in VAC-affiliated companies.

According to the Control Yuan report, between 2010 and Oct. 2013, 33 out of 34 people sent by the VAC to 12 of its affiliated companies to serve as senior managers were retired generals.

They were given an average annual salary of NT$1.5 million, and one of them enjoys an annual income as high as NT$4.3 million, the report said.

These retired military personnel are now receiving even higher pay than was the case in their previous posts in the military, the Control Yuan report said.

The government watchdog agency warned that the VAC's move has dealt a serious blow to the government's image, especially in a time of economic downturn when most nationals have not seen their salary increase in years.

In response to the report, instead of conducting a review, VAC Minister Tung Hsiang-lung ([...]) fended off the political patronage accusation during an interpellation session at the Legislative Yuan last Thursday, stressing that hiring retired generals to top management posts at VAC-invested private companies was actually "beneficial to the national economic situation. …

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