Newspaper article China Post

Gov't Officials Attach More Importance to Personal Affairs Matters Than Policies

Newspaper article China Post

Gov't Officials Attach More Importance to Personal Affairs Matters Than Policies

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Taiwan's Cabinet has lost two ministers in less than two weeks. Like many of their predecessors, they have resigned for personal reasons rather than the failure of their policies.

And very often these personal reasons have been allegations about extramarital affairs. The resignation of Pan Shi-wei as labor minister Thursday illustrates this: he decided to vacate his position after a tabloid magazine alleged that he was having an affair with his personal secretary.

The resignation of Chiang Wei-ling as education minister less than two weeks ago resulted from a different reason: he left after his academic integrity came under scrutiny over allegedly dubious reviews of research papers he co-authored.

We have no intention here to discuss whether the allegations concerning the two ministers - or many others who have stepped down before them - are actually true. In fact both of them have vehemently denied the allegations.

The implications of the accusations in the two latest cases are somewhat different. An extramarital affair would be a personal matter involving lying to one's wife or husband, which makes it more private than a case of a scholar lying to his academic peers. It implies that Chiang might to a certain extent deserve to lose his job more than Pan if the allegations were found to be true.

But we are not trying to work out a scale of the seriousness of personal wrongdoings. We are wondering why so many Cabinet ministers have resigned because of reasons other than those directly relating to their work and policies.

We are talking about those who have resigned "voluntarily" rather than being "kicked out" after losing favor with the president or premier.

Why are these "voluntary" quitters, so eager to defend themselves, willing to take a fall over personal matters when others are reluctant to leave when their policies are at odds with most of the nation?

There may be officials who are so confident of themselves and their competence that they are not afraid to go against the entire nation when they think it is for the best. …

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