Newspaper article The Canadian Press

Editorial Exchange: Say 'Nay' to Scots Independence

Newspaper article The Canadian Press

Editorial Exchange: Say 'Nay' to Scots Independence

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Editorial Exchange: Say 'nay' to Scots independence


An editorial from the Waterloo Region Record, published Sept. 16:

Scotland is a nation and, owing to its history, culture and people, a great one. The question for the more than four million Scots who will vote in a referendum on Thursday, however, is: Do they also want to be an independent nation?

With only hours to go before this day of destiny for both Scotland and the rest of what is, for now, the United Kingdom, polls say the outcome rests on a knife's edge. What seemed impossible to seasoned political observers scant weeks ago could actually come to pass. A 307-year-old political marriage could end in divorce.

This momentous decision is clearly and appropriately one for Scotland's registered voters to make. But at the tail-end of this referendum campaign, the best and most compelling arguments are for Scotland to say "nay" to the separatists' dangerous and divisive siren song.

The United Kingdom, which the Scots voluntarily entered in 1707, has served Scotland exceptionally well. For good reason, it is described as the planet's oldest and most successful political union. The Scottish are already masters of their own house when it comes to matters such as health care and education.

Meanwhile, as members of the United Kingdom family, Scots are an integral part of the world's sixth largest economy and, by virtue of this, a force to be reckoned with in the European Union, as well as a strong, respected voice for democracy, economic freedom and the rule of law in the world community. They would sacrifice all this if they embrace independence because, after the flush of patriotic pride cooled, they would awaken to life as a small, rather insignificant herring swimming in a big, rough global sea.

If independence actually delivered Scotland more North Sea oil revenues -- and that is by no means certain -- the oil will one day run out. While independence would supposedly free the more left-leaning Scots from a United Kingdom government run by a Conservative-led coalition, party politics change from one election, not to mention one generation, to another. …

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