Newspaper article China Post

Progress toward Democracy and Liberal Markets Is Inevitable

Newspaper article China Post

Progress toward Democracy and Liberal Markets Is Inevitable

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Backed by the allure of prosperity and upbeat market prospects, the trend toward liberalization is an indomitable force that no entity can resist.

Following the death of Mao Zedong and the purging of the Gang of Four, Deng Xiaoping outmaneuvered political opponents to emerge victorious as the de facto leader of China. The economic reforms and gradual easing of regulatory controls that characterized Deng's administration are widely seen as forming the basis of China's status as an economic superpower.

Unlike his predecessor, Deng foresaw the inevitable trend of progress toward liberalization and the allure of the boundless economic prospects of China's participation in global markets under capitalism.

Despite the tremendous leaps China has made since Deng's rule, the nation that boasts the world's second largest economy continues to be scrutinized by the international community, which continues to urge for greater efforts toward liberalization.

Similarities may be seen between China and the formidable Apple Inc.

A heavyweight of the technology sector, the company produces stellar computers and devices and commands its very own self-contained ecosystem encompassing operating systems, applications, cloud services and more. The result is an offering irresistible to the company's legions of fans worldwide.

Apple, however, is known to exert stringent controls on participants vying to participate in its ecosystem. In particular, the company has strict guidelines that deter third-party developers from altering the user experience it has envisioned.

In addition, in response to the adoption of ever-increasing screen sizes by handset makers under the rivaling Android OS, the company had previously stated that its smaller-sized display better conforms to its definition of a smartphone.

Similar to China, Apple, after the passing of the torch from Jobs to Cook, began showing inklings of change and reform. Under Tim Cook's leadership, the company this year launched the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus handsets. …

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