Newspaper article The Canadian Press

List of Year-End Stories Moving on the Canadian Press Wire

Newspaper article The Canadian Press

List of Year-End Stories Moving on the Canadian Press Wire

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Canadian Press year-end story plans


Here is a list of the stories that The Canadian Press has planned for year-end editions.

This is the final time this advisory will move and it contains one important change. The Canadian Business News Story of the Year originally scheduled to move on Wednesday, Dec. 31, will move today.

The Canadian Business Newsmaker of the Year, which was scheduled to move today, will now move on Wednesday, Dec. 31.

Most year-end stories will carry the slug keyword YEAR. Photos to illustrate these stories will also move.

This list covers National, Business, Lifestyles and Entertainment items as well as year-end survey stories in the Sports, Business and National categories. Other sports year-end stories will also move -- watch for details in the daily Sports Advisory.

A variety of stories designed to stand through the holiday period will move throughout the month of December.

If you have any questions about the plans for year-end stories from The Canadian Press, please direct them to Atlantic Bureau Chief Kevin Ward at (902) 422-1444 or kevin.ward(at)

Here is a list of the stories that are currently planned and the dates they are scheduled to move:

Tuesday, Dec. 9

Economic dominoes would fall with interest rate hike


OTTAWA -- This may be the year that we finally see the Bank of Canada raise interest rates that will tip all sorts of dominoes in the economy, from the housing market to consumer debt. If that happens, what's the strategy for Bank of Canada's Stephen Poloz who has spent most of his term doing nothing at all? Moves Business. AUDIO. PHOTO.


Are YouTube stars the celebs of the future?


TORONTO -- Lilly Singh has millions of fans and regularly gets mobbed on the street by teenage girls. But the Scarborough-born comedian is not a famous actress or pop star -- at least not yet. Singh has gained a devoted following through her videos on YouTube, like gross-out kings "Epic Meal Time" and satirical make-up tutorial master Megan McKay. But is YouTube creating a new breed of celebrity or just providing a modern platform for them to break into the traditional TV and film industries? Moves Entertainment. ONLINE GRAPHIC. VIDEO. AUDIO. PHOTO.


Thursday, Dec. 11

The year in Canadian and international news


Diary of the top Canadian and international news events of 2014. Moves National. Update to move Dec. 30. Moves National.


Podcasts on classic TV getting buzz


TORONTO -- New fans are discovering classic TV shows thanks to Netflix, prompting podcasts that allow people to engage with old programs in a very modern way. Podcasts like "Fire Talk with Me," "The X-Files Files" and "Seincast" are building communities around long-dead shows and recreating water cooler conversation for the modern binge-watching era. Moves Entertainment. ONLINE GRAPHIC. PHOTO.


Friday, Dec. 12

Economic signals produce uncertainty for world stock markets


TORONTO -- How quickly will indexes snap back after the correction in October? Investors are facing some familiar head winds: a global economy that is still faltering almost six years after the post-financial collapse ended, fading central bank stimulus, and odds that the Federal Reserve and the Bank of Canada will hike rates next year. Amid all this uncertainty, there are questions on how the Toronto market will perform versus the U.S. and how this should guide investor decision-making. Moved Business.


Sunday, Dec. 14

Managing your pennies, from an early age


TORONTO -- Educators across the country are increasingly stressing the importance of teaching kids the basics of money management at a young age. But while experts say adding financial literacy to the curriculum would help students avoid major money pitfalls down the line, they warn most school systems aren't ready to make such a major change. …

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