Newspaper article China Post

Tsao's Signing Sends Wrong Message to the Baseball World

Newspaper article China Post

Tsao's Signing Sends Wrong Message to the Baseball World

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It has always been great news to hear of a Taiwanese baseball player signing a contract with a Major League Baseball (MLB) team. This means that local talent is recognized by the world's top-tier professional baseball league.

But we cannot say the same after hearing the news earlier this month that the Los Angeles Dodgers confirmed their signing of veteran Taiwanese pitcher Tsao Chin-hui ([...]), who was implicated in a game-fixing scandal in Taiwan, to a minor league contract.

The Dodgers' somewhat shocking decision to sign Tsao became even more stunning after Taiwan's Chinese Professional Baseball League (CPBL) already made clear its stance in an official notice to the MLB, explaining Tsao's disgraceful past after he was banned for life by the CPBL for his involvement in a high-profile game-fixing scandal in 2009.

The CPBL was previously successful in blocking Tsao from playing in the Australian Baseball League (ABL) late last year for the same reason; that the 33-year-old had accepted "unsuitable benefits," including sex, from gamblers and had agreed to throw two CPBL games.

Even though prosecutors did not ultimately indict Tsao, the CPBL said the player was still found to have close connections with gamblers and was thus expelled by his Brother Elephants team and banned for life by the league.

The CPBL, therefore, said in its letter to the ABL that it would be extremely "reluctant to see" Tsao playing in the Australian league.

The same argument, however, was not accepted by the MLB, which ultimately led to the Dodgers' signing the fallen Taiwanese baseball star, who was the first Taiwanese pitcher to make it to the MLB.

After learning the Dodgers' decision, the CPBL released a statement on Jan. 15, calling the American team's signing of the Taiwanese hurler "unfathomable."

Same as the CPBL, The China Post believes the Dodgers' decision to recruit Tsao and MLB's ignoring of the righty's disgraceful past sends the wrong signal. …

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