Newspaper article China Post

Ko Owns Up to 'Colonization' Gaffe in Foreign Policy Article

Newspaper article China Post

Ko Owns Up to 'Colonization' Gaffe in Foreign Policy Article

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TAIPEI, Taiwan -- Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je ([...]) yesterday admitted that he did use the word "colonization" in a recent interview with a U.S.-based magazine that courted controversy for his view of Asian history.

"I did say 'the longer the colonization' in Chinese (in the interview)," Ko told reporters yesterday. He said that he had not disputed the accuracy of the report, but was "blaming myself for not making my point clear in my discourse."

Ko's comment came after American bi-monthly journal Foreign Policy responded to the mayor's earlier suggestion that he was misquoted during an interview with the publication

"We stand by our reporting on this piece and the quotes as they appear," David Wertime, senior editor of Foreign Policy was quoted by Apple Daily as saying.

In the journal's web article, published on Jan. 29, writer Grace Tsoi claimed that during an interview with Foreign Affairs on Jan. 20, Ko had said "the longer the colonization, the more advanced a place is," as a response to the journal's question on Asian history and colonization.

As written in the online article, Ko was also quoted as saying "There's nothing wrong with officials taking the subway. Why is this unusual? So people talked about 'one country, two systems,' but maybe we should talk about 'two countries, one system' instead. We should try to narrow the gap," in response to his MRT snapshot going viral in mainland China.

Ko's comments, especially the former, have garnered the mayor more media attention on matters besides his role as the first Taipei mayor independent from a political party.

Mainland Chinese media have generally criticized both responses, prompting local media to seek clarification from the mayor himself. …

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