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Editorial Exchange: Actions Rightly Bring Consequences

Newspaper article The Canadian Press

Editorial Exchange: Actions Rightly Bring Consequences

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Editorial Exchange: Actions rightly bring consequences


An editorial from the Prince Albert Daily Herald, published May 13:

Sometimes karma strikes quickly, and this week it has, and it is a beautiful thing.

A blatant group of misogynists verbally assaulted a female reporter in Toronto on Sunday after a Toronto FC soccer match.

Using the brainpower of houseplants, these winners decided to carry on a trend that has inexplicably been spreading around the globe amongst the frat house crowd. The trend involves running up on a female television reporter and yelling a disgusting and offensive statement.

Most readers have probably seen YouTube clips of it, or at least heard of it, but for Toronto City TV reporter Shauna Hunt, enough was enough. She stopped her interview and went right after these idiots and the camera kept rolling to get their juvenile, crass and disgusting justifications on tape.

Hunt's moxie and courage is to celebrated. So is the swift action of Ontario's Hydro One.

Within two days of Sunday's incident came word that one of the offenders, Shawn Simoes is being fired for violating the company's code of conduct, costing him a six-figure salary.

It doesn't stop there either. Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment is reviewing the footage and is planning to ban the culprits from any further MLSE facilities, which includes the field where Toronto FC plays, as well as Air Canada Centre, home to the Toronto Maple Leafs and Raptors games.

Hunt's assertive response is now spreading like wildfire on the Internet, with commentary coming from around the world. For most reasonable people, the consensus is pretty succinct - you don't talk to a woman that way. You don't talk to a person that way.

Some observers are suggesting that such behavior could fall under the realm of criminal harassment, if a female reporter were to come forward and file a complaint. And don't think this is a Toronto issue. It is happening across the continent and around the world. It is also happening here in Saskatchewan. …

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