Newspaper article The Canadian Press

Editorial Exchange: The Senate and CBC Share Troubling Themes

Newspaper article The Canadian Press

Editorial Exchange: The Senate and CBC Share Troubling Themes

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Editorial Exchange: The Senate and CBC share troubling themes


An editorial from the Hamilton Spectator, published June 11:

On the surface the Senate expenses scandal and the latest debacle at CBC don't appear to have much in common. But there are some common themes.

One, they are both publicly-funded. The CBC has advertising revenue, but if it had to rely on that (as private media companies like this one must) it would not exist, certainly not in its current form. Along with public support comes public scrutiny. So events at both institutions is and should be of public concern.

Another shared theme is entitlement. The auditor-general's scathing report on the Senate paints a picture of many people who played by their own rules. We say many because the AG's report showed that 86 of 116 senators didn't have questionable or inappropriate expenses. The 30 who did, even reacting to the damning report, exhibited a sense of dislocation and unreality -- many seem to think the auditor simply didn't understand how the Senate works. None seem to understand, or even care, about the extent to which the Parliamentary institution has been tarnished.

As for the CBC, the Toronto Star investigation into Evan Soloman's art brokering scandal reveals a journalist who seemed to think nothing about using his professional connections with news sources to line his own pockets. Like Jian Ghomeshi, he seemed to feel above the rules that govern the vast majority of journalists. He didn't disclose his art business when it started in 2013, and claimed when he did disclose in April that he wasn't in any kind of conflict. …

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