Newspaper article The Canadian Press

Editorial Exchange: Just How Many Families Are about to Be Devastated?

Newspaper article The Canadian Press

Editorial Exchange: Just How Many Families Are about to Be Devastated?

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Editorial Exchange: Just how many families are about to be devastated?


An editorial from the Prince Albert Daily Herald, published Aug. 24:

So the cat is out of the bag, so to speak. The data dump threatened by hackers who accessed the slimy extra-marital cheating website that is all over the news has happened and you can bet there are some pretty uncomfortable men and women across this country right now, likely including some right here in this province.

Apparently the list of as many as up to 37 million users that includes full names and credit card numbers was dumped into the dark web, a shadowy sounding advanced version of the net that only true techo-geeks can access. Many of these millions are Canadians since this website is a proud, Canadian product.

And, we can all be certain that those types are mining that data and it will be more widely available in the coming days and weeks, or maybe even hours, if not already.

Online security experts have already been claiming to have accessed the files and looked at the information available and suggest it is exactly as the hackers had declared.

It remains to be seen how widespread the damage will be, but we can be certain that marriages will be ending and lives will be shattered.

Apparently the list includes many, many names of people who never expected to be exposed, so made no effort to use a generic email address that couldn't easily be traced to them.

Some analysts have suggested these lists include the names of all kinds of famous and well-know people - executives, politicians and according to one security experts, some emails using a email address. It is unclear how many Hail Marys that will cost, but it's certainly remarkable.

The reality is that cheating didn't start with this website. If cheating isn't as old as marriage itself, it's only because it is likely older. The thing that has rankled so many is this tawdry website, with its arrogant and unapologetic founder flaunting it so blatantly. …

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