Newspaper article China Post

Mid-Autumn Festival Feted Islandwide despite Typhoon

Newspaper article China Post

Mid-Autumn Festival Feted Islandwide despite Typhoon

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TAIPEI, Taiwan -- Cerebrations for the Mid-Autumn Festival ([...]) weekend began yesterday as people took advantage of the weekend to jump-start festive activities such as barbecue and moon-watching.

The festival falls on the 15th day of the eighth month in the lunar calendar, which this year is Sept. 27, and there will be a three-day national holiday in Taiwan to celebrate the festival from Sept. 26-28.

Mid-Autumn celebrations, however, might be cut short for many as Typhoon Dujuan moved closer to Taiwan. The Central Weather Bureau said it is likely to issue a sea warning on the Mid-Autumn Festival Sunday, adding that it might also issue a land warning.

The annual celebration of the harvest moon in the Chinese lunar calendar is a time when families reunite to worship the moon and the coming of fall, and those in the Western Hemisphere will have the added bonus of a rare super blood moon this year.

In Taiwan, the celebration consists mainly of eating moon cakes, pomelos and BBQ. In recent years, the most popular way for people to mark the occasion is to gather with friends and relatives and barbecue on the sidewalk in front of one's house or business, in public parks, and along riverside parks.

Taipei Riverside Parks Not Open for BBQ

Many Taipei citizens took advantage of the relatively stable weather yesterday to have barbecues at riverside parks in the city.

As Typhoon Dujuan moved closer to Taiwan, however, the city government announced that it has canceled opening riverside parks for barbecues today and tomorrow. The city government called on the public not to have barbecue at the parks to avoid danger. The government also warned drivers not to park their cars at riverside areas as it might close riverside evacuation gates to prevent flooding.

The Taipei City Government had planned to open up a total of 20 riverside parks to allow public barbecuing during the Moon Festival holiday including the popular Dajia Riverside Park, which is in sight of Dazhi Bridge and the Grand Hotel.

If you're looking for free food and entertainment, check out your community parks, because chances are they will have some free food such as barbecued wild boar and offer live musical performances and the chance to sing Taiwanese KTV songs. The details about public park festivities will be listed on your neighborhood and apartment complex bulletin boards.

Moon Gazing Spots

The harvest moon is often, but not always, the largest full moon of the year, and for those in the Western Hemisphere, Europe, and Africa, this year it's a supermoon, which means it most closely coincides with perigee - the moon's closest point to Earth in its orbit.

The Western Hemisphere, Europe, and Africa will also be treated with a blood moon, meaning that there will be a full lunar eclipse, giving it a deep red hue. …

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