Newspaper article The Canadian Press

Q&A: Melissa McBride Talks 'Walking Dead' While Tiptoeing around Spoilers

Newspaper article The Canadian Press

Q&A: Melissa McBride Talks 'Walking Dead' While Tiptoeing around Spoilers

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Q&A: Melissa McBride talks 'Walking Dead'


TORONTO - "The Walking Dead" star Melissa McBride is understandably wary of spoilers.

AMC's zombie saga returns with its sixth season Sunday to address lingering questions like: Who are the Wolves? Are duelling Alexandria residents ready to assimilate? How long will McBride's character Carol keep up her double-agent ruse?

The actress chooses her words carefully while chatting with The Canadian Press about shifting dynamics within the group, new threats to the community, and Carol's evolution from battered wife to battle-hardened warrior:

The Canadian Press: What's happening with the residents of Alexandria when we meet them again?

McBride: We'll see the fallout right where we left off, in fact. The premiere has some interesting different simultaneous timelines but it does start up right after Rick shoots Reg so we'll see what happens and if everybody is willing to work together. Or not.


CP: I take it not, otherwise it wouldn't be the show that it is. Is Deanna still in charge?

McBride: You would assume that her giving Rick permission to kill Pete right then and there (that she's not). There's a lot that happened that evening that was very eye-opening for the Alexandrians.


CP: What about the Wolves? What is their role this season?

McBride: We're not done with the Wolves. We'll find out more about them this season as well.


CP: You're very good at not revealing spoilers.

McBride: That's five years of being paranoid to say anything.... I don't do a whole lot of interviews and this is probably why -- because I just don't trust my mouth!


CP: I imagine interest in you has gone up quite a bit given Carol's recent storyline.

McBride: Yeah, I think the fans are having fun with her duality, you know. I'm certainly having fun with it, too.... Everybody's finding their place in Alexandria, trying to figure it out. Her role (was to) just immediately go undercover, kind of sinking into her invisibleness in order to gain some intel.


CP: Does that continue or does she reveal her true self now that the game has changed?

McBride: We'll see as this new season goes on how bright those flowers are on her sweater. …

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