Newspaper article The Canadian Press

Editorial Exchange: Mike Duffy Opens Dangerous Door by Taking Stand

Newspaper article The Canadian Press

Editorial Exchange: Mike Duffy Opens Dangerous Door by Taking Stand

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Editorial Exchange: Mike Duffy opens dangerous door by taking stand


An editorial from the Charlottetown Guardian, published Dec. 15:

If it moves, bill it. If it doesn't, claim it. It's a variation on the famous phrase used to describe the delayed election in the P.E.I. riding of 1st Kings in 1966 when the Liberals and Progressive Conservatives were tied with 15 seats after the provincial election.

The eastern vote was delayed because of a death involving a Liberal candidate. Premier Walter Shaw was accused of approving a PC party platform for 1st Kings that if it moved, pension it, and if it didn't, pave it. The Liberals, under new leader Alex Campbell, won both seats in the dual riding.

It didn't work on P.E.I. then, and it's doubtful it will work for the benefit of P.E.I. Senator Mike Duffy in an Ottawa courtroom today.

Mr. Duffy is being painted with the unflattering brush of submitting improper bills and expense claims to justify his declaration of being a P.E.I. resident because he has a residence here. Mr. Duffy has said little to prove wrong the unflattering mantra of entitlements that he zealously followed in his tumultuous career as senator from P.E.I.

It was a surprise when Mr. Duffy took the stand in his own defence last week. Once his lawyer Donald Bayne is done leading his client through endless embarrassing minutia in an effort to save his own skin by singing his own praises, the Crown should have a field day picking apart his testimony.

It stretches the boundaries of credulity that Mr. Duffy went unwillingly into the Senate after claiming he was pursued by former Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

It had long been legend around Ottawa that Mr. Duffy lobbied a series of prime ministers to get a Senate appointment. His nickname on Parliament Hill was 'the senator.'

Mr. Duffy seems to have fallen victim to his own ego by insisting he take the stand in his own defence.

When Mr. Harper appointed him early 2009, both were at the heights of their power. …

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